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At Dahlonega Butterfly Farm, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. We provide a unique wine tasting experience, where clients can enjoy nature, surrounded by majestic fluttering butterflies while sipping on some of the finest vintages. Our farm is home to a vast array of exotic butterflies, and we take great pride in providing our visitors with the opportunity to learn about these magnificent creatures.

Dahlonega Butterfly Farm is devoted to providing a sanctuary for butterflies and educating visitors about their importance in our ecosystem. We also partner with local wineries to source our wine, which not only supports the growing community but also provides visitors with a phenomenal taste of the surrounding area. Our goal is not only to provide visitors with a memorable experience but to also promote a sustainable and vibrant community.

Local Winery's

Looking for a unique and captivating experience? Look no further than Dahlonega Butterfly Farm. Our lush gardens and beautiful butterfly habitats are a perfect getaway for those looking to connect with nature. With guided tours and sip n stroll options available, there’s something for everyone at Dahlonega Butterfly Farm. Come visit us soon and discover the magic of our butterflies.

Sip n Stroll

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